Crap, I woke up with a headache early this morning.

Last night I had some tasty homemade green chile chicken noodle soup. Then I proceeded to not drink enough water before I went to bed. I even remember thinking I'm going to get a headache in the middle of the night. Why you ask, well probably not, 'cause I doubt anyone has actually read my blatherings, but I digress. We start off our homemade green chile chicken noodle soup with canned chicken broth, which is loaded with salt. Now over the years I've come to realize that if I don't drink enough water after eating this tasty soup I'll wake up with a headache. So I didn't drink enough water and no surprise to me I awoke at 200am with a nasty headache.

So a couple ibuprofen tablets , a couple cups of coffee and a couple of hours of closed eyes pretty much remedied my headache.

To bad placebonol doesn't work the way I want it to. :-)