I been playing around in the satellite FTA arena. If you don't know what FTA is, it's Free To Air, this means satellite channels available in the clear. These aren't Dish or DirectTV, so you need a FTA receiver with a bigger dish than the regular pizza pan sized Dish or DirecTV dishes, but not one of the huge 2-3meter dishes. Anyway, this is not a complete discussion on FTA.

I have multiple dishes, old DirecWay and Starchoice, pointing at various satellites. I use dual output LNBs so I can connect 2 receivers, well at least that was the idea. When I connected the second receiver a month or so ago, there was wierd switching issues between the two receivers. I had each receiver connected to a 4x1 Diseqc switch then the outputs of the Diseqc going into 2x1 22KHz tone switches, this way I could support multiple LNBs. Yes, I know I could just get a motor and move one dish around, but I have the room for multiple dishes and I'm getting the DirecWay dishes for free. Besides I want "instant" channel switching, don't want to wait for the dish to move. Anyway yesterday I took the time to clean up my satellite cabling morass which had evolved, most properly devolved over time. I replaced the separate 2x1 22KHz tone switches with used 4x4 multiswitches I bought off of eBay. Man what a difference, now do I no longer have conflicts between the receivers, but now I can support up to 4 receivers. Also, the signal & quality levels went up a tiny bit which tells me the electronics in the multiswitch are probably a little better.

For what it's worth I think I had a ground loop issue between the discrete 2x1 22KHz tone switches, replacing them with the 4x4 multiswitch got me back to a common ground.