Do you have a hard time getting things done because to much stuff interests you? I spend hours reading various technical information web sites, bouncing from subject to subject. This morning I've gone from software defined radio, to whether my FTA receiver can decode 4:2:2, it does. The other day it was investigating diesel repower for a variety of 4 wheel drive vehicles. Do I use a Cummins or an Isuzu? Hmm maybe I can rebuild an old Olds 4.3L V-6 diesel. What vehicle should I repower, when I first started out I wanted to use the Olds 4.3L V-6 diesel in a late 1980's Isuzu Trooper, now I'm leaning towards either the Cummins or Isuzu in a late 1980's / early 1990's Toyota Land cruiser.

I won't even go into the time I spend thinking about my next investment.